Epoxy for Aviation and Hangers

The aviation industry is expected to maintain a certain standard that is associated with plush lifestyle and exquisite designs. This means floors and hangers must have a conspicuous aesthetic appeal. Better yet, they must always be clean. Considering the regular traffic visiting airports on a daily basis, maintaining clean attractive settings can be a daunting process especially if you have the wrong flooring installed. Most airports today feature epoxy flooring which adds the exemplary status arriving customers seek out

  • Hangars and Storage
  • Reception and Offices
  • Bathrooms
  • Public Waiting Areas

Epoxy floors are obviously very decorative and come in different designs that can be used to set your business apart from the rest. The surface is smooth, seamless and shinny making it very easy to clean. Epoxy is also safe and has anti-slip properties that will protect your customers from tripping over. The aviation industry requires tough flooring that can withstand heavy aircraft weight, hangar equipment and the harsh cleaning agents and lubricants used these settings.

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