Epoxy for Healthcare Facilities

Hospitals are inherently required to maintain the highest cleanliness and hygiene standards implying regular cleaning and the use of gentle cleaning agents. This can be overwhelming especially if you have a lot of traffic coming in and out of the facility. When pondering the ideal flooring solution, factors such as safety, low maintenance and ease of cleaning come to mind. The flooring must also be durable and resilient to stains, spills, general wear and tear as well as scratching.

  • Wards and Patient Rooms
  • Surgery Facilites
  • Boardrooms
  • Public Areas and Waiting Rooms
  • Reception and Offices
  • Restrooms

Commercial epoxy offers a great solution for hospitals and healthcare facilities. They can be modeled to fit any demands and come in limitless designs, colors and patterns. Installing epoxy flooring will solve all your problems regarding longevity, cleaning and maintenance, safety and aesthetic appeal. Epoxy coating features resin which is both durable and resilient. It will last several years with minimal maintenance work. These floors are also anti-slip, water resistant, stain resistant and easy to dust. Compared to other flooring options, epoxy simply makes life easier wherever it is installed.

It is highly recommendable to work with experienced professionals who can deliver desirable results. At ATX Epoxy Flooring, our delight comes from working independently with each client to satisfy all their needs. We will quickly install trendy epoxy flooring that is both in compliance with healthcare standards and also aligns with your objectives. Contact us today for a free quote, site visits or any inquiries about our services.

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